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”Quarantined in Love is a book on "shadow work" to help you identify what you have been shackled to during the pandemic and how it made you face yourself, your relationship and anything else you were bonded to.”

"I am a passionate and driven individual who is on a mission to empower others to unlock their full potential and transform their lives. As an aspiring life and business coach, self-published author, and entrepreneur behind DAMNN YOU FLY, I am dedicated to helping individuals see their vision clearly and create a version of themselves that they have never known."

I love a nice pair of glasses!

Parisia Harp

Glasses are a necessity to style!

Candii K Collection

Having short hair you need a fashion statement to set off your look, DAMNN You Fly provides that!

Tiffany Groom of Bippoty Boppity Broom